What Prostate Cancer Treatment is Right for Me?

prostate cancer diagnosis

How do you decide which prostate cancer treatment is best for you? There are many things to consider when trying to choose the prostate cancer treatment that is right for you. Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer haven’t had the disease spread beyond the gland and may be classified as low risk. Others may have […]

Uses of Prostate Cancer Vaccines

prostate biopsy

How are prostate cancer vaccines used? You may have heard of news of vaccines that have been developed for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer vaccines are not used in the same manner as the type of vaccines most people are used to. Most vaccines are given to disease free patients in order to keep those patients […]

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Bone Health

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Bone Health

Issues to consider in prostate cancer treatment and bone health. Prostate cancer treatment and bone health are closely linked. The most effective treatment of advanced prostate cancer is to reduce the serum testosterone. Traditionally, this has been done by surgical castration and more recently with chemical castration. Outside of the United States, 90% of men […]

Side Effects of Hormone Therapy

side effects of hormone therapy

Common side effects of hormone therapy. Side effects of hormone therapy, which occur when levels of the serum testosterone are lowered, can have many impacts on day-to-day life and many men are afraid of such treatments.  Sexual dysfunction, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction are all side effects of hormone therapy. Bone health is also an […]

When is Hormone Therapy Used for Prostate Cancer?

hormone therapy

Use of hormone therapy explained. Hormone therapy, also known as anti-hormonal therapy, works by reducing serum testosterone levels.  This is highly effective in controlling the growth and progression of prostate cancer cells in early stage as well as advanced stage prostate cancers. In trials, research has shown that patients live longer if they receive six-month […]

What Can a Patient Expect From a Digital Rectum Exam?

digital rectum exam

A digital rectum exam is a common procedure for prostate cancer patients. To establish a diagnosis and stage the patient it is important to perform a digital rectal exam on a patient with suspected prostate cancer. Since most of these cancers are developing on the outer cells of the gland, when your doctor performs a […]

Is Chemotherapy Used for Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Chemotherapy Used for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Types of Chemotherapy Used for Prostate Cancer Treatment Conventional chemotherapy has been used for prostate cancer treatment for decades.  So far, there is little evidence that chemotherapy used for prostate cancer treatment early in the course of the disease will alter patient outcome. The main use of chemotherapy for prostate cancer is usually in the […]

Possible Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Emotional Changes?

Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Emotional

Will I have hormone therapy emotional changes? Advanced prostate cancer doesn’t always have the same treatment options as early stage prostate cancer. Early stage prostate cancer is often treated with surgery and radiation. These treatments have side-effects of their own, such as impotence and incontinence. Advanced prostate cancer must be treated with other techniques, and […]

Is There an Advanced Prostate Cancer Cure?

Advanced Prostate Cancer Cure

Is there an advanced prostate cancer cure? Every cancer patient hopes their cancer can be cured. Depending on the patient, prostate cancer can present itself in different ways. Prostate cancer is generally a very slow-moving disease that can take years to show symptoms, if it ever shows at all. Diagnosed men have a much greater […]

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