Can I Have Children after Prostate Cancer Surgery?

Having children after prostate cancer surgery.

children after prostate cancer surgeryAfter prostate cancer surgery men are left infertile. Different procedures have different results, but the infertility rate is 100%. If you’re considering having children after your surgery there are options. Dr. Howard Tay is a urologist who has seen men before and after prostate surgery. We asked him for advice on having children after prostate cancer surgery and he offers it in this video. There are some inexpensive and effective methods make your family dreams a reality. Learn how by watching this video.

Video Transcripts

Howard P. Tay: Here is what you should know if you think you want to have children after prostate cancer treatment.

The risk of fertility loss after prostate cancer surgery is almost is a 100% and that’s because once the prostate is removed as the ability, the connections for the sperm to get out to the outside world is eliminated and usually when we are trying prostate surgery that’s usually means removal. As mentioned previously, the other option such as cryotherapy can be considered a surgery, but that is more where the prostate tissue has been frozen and as a result of that, that will cause scar tissue to develop within those ducts where the sperm will be entering into the prostate and therefore that would also affectively make someone basically infertile.

As with any type of procedures that would involved the prostate and if the patient is interested in having children later on, I would always recommend that they would consider doing some form of sperm banking that can be done. In most cases, those methods are fairly inexpensive and very affective. In some instance in last case resort if someone you know then think about doing that, one can do a more exotic procedure where we can actually go in and isolate the sperm from the testicles and that would be of course a little more extensive and a little bit more detailed and have higher cost associated with that.

Dr. Howard Tay
Dr. Howard Tay is a urologist affiliated with multiple hospitals in the Phoenix, AZ area, including Arrowhead Hospital and Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. He received his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and has been in practice for 24 years.

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