The Benefits of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

Types of Catheters Used After Prostate Surgery

How does robotic prostate cancer surgery improve surgeon accuracy? Eighty percent of prostate cancer surgeries in the U.S. are done with robotic procedures today. Dr. David Albala tells us that robots allow surgeons to better meet the goals of robotic prostate cancer surgery which can lead to better outcomes for patients. Doctors can more accurately […]

The Uses of Prostate MRI


What are the uses of prostate MRI? Prostate MRI is a new imaging technique used for screening and monitoring prostate cancer. The use of MRIs can reduce the frequency of biopsies a patient receives. Prostate cancer biopsies are uncomfortable and can cause infections among other problems. Men with lower grade cancers can safely monitor the […]

The Oncotype DX Test is Helping Patients and Doctors


How is the Oncotype DX test helping patients and doctors? The Oncotype DX test checks genes in tumors to predict how aggressive a tumor will be.  Doctors use this data to choose the best treatment path for each patient.  Dr. David Albala believes the real value of this test is it allows patients who have chosen […]

Uses of Prostate Cancer Vaccines


How are prostate cancer vaccines used? You may have heard of news of vaccines that have been developed for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer vaccines are not used in the same manner as the type of vaccines most people are used to. Most vaccines are given to disease free patients in order to keep those patients […]

The Goals of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

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What are the goals of robotic prostate cancer surgery? Surgeons have a number of goals they strive to achieve during robotic prostate cancer surgery. Removing all the diseased tissue and curing the patient is the primary goal. Negative margins are needed in order to ensure complete removal of all cancerous tissue and doctors are careful […]

Alternatives to Prostate Cancer Surgery

Alternatives to Prostate Cancer Surgery

What are some alternatives to prostate cancer surgery? Many people aren’t aware of all of the alternatives to prostate cancer surgery.  When people think of cancer, they think of removing it through an operation. That’s a very logical conclusion when talking about lung cancer or gallbladder cancer. With prostate cancer, there are many reasons to […]

What Can a Patient Expect From a Digital Rectum Exam?

digital rectum exam

A digital rectum exam is a common procedure for prostate cancer patients. To establish a diagnosis and stage the patient it is important to perform a digital rectal exam on a patient with suspected prostate cancer. Since most of these cancers are developing on the outer cells of the gland, when your doctor performs a […]

What are Some New Treatments for Prostate Cancer?

Dr. E David Crawford Prostate Cancer

New treatments for prostate cancer promise a shift in patient care. While older treatments remain effective and have continued to be refined over the years, new treatments for prostate cancer promise a paradigm shift in patient care and the way prostate cancer is targeted and treated. Doctors and researchers are hard at work searching for […]

What are Some Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer Patients?


A discussion of treatment options for prostate cancer patients. There are a variety of treatment options for prostate cancer patients. Making the right choice involves a conversation with a physician, who weigh the outcomes of treatment options for prostate cancer. Dr. David Albala offers some information to help guide patients to the right treatment options […]

How Is Robotic Surgery Different from Open Surgery for Prostate Cancer?


Advances in robotic surgery provide additional options for prostate cancer patients. Robotic surgery, in the past few years, has joined open surgery in use to treat patients with prostate cancer. During robotic surgery, surgeons are able to be more precise during dissection. Also, robotic surgery allows the bladder and urethra to be sewn back together in […]