How Science is Cutting Prostate Cancer Mortality in Older Men


Dr. Bevan-Thomas talks about cutting prostate cancer mortality in older men In this video, Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses about a recent study that came out talking about prostate cancer in older man. But first, who is who is an older man? Generally, we are talking about men who are 70+ years old. When older men are […]

How Does Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Work?

xofigo for prostate cancer

What is prostate cancer hormone therapy and how does it work? Prostate cancer hormone therapy is used quite often when treating prostate cancer patients. This therapy does not involve the patient actually receiving hormones. Rather, doctors try to suppress the hormone testosterone. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas tells us that prostate cancer cells actually use testosterone for […]

Risks Associated with Bone Health during Prostate Cancer Treatment

prostate cancer risk

What are the risks associated with bone health during prostate cancer treatment? Are you taking care of your bones during your prostate cancer treatment? You probably should be. Men tend to lose bone density during hormone deprivation treatment. The loss can cause a number of issues. Jennifer Wilson, PA-C, discusses the risks associated with bone […]

Improving Bone Density During Prostate Cancer Treatment

prostate cancer

What are some benefits of taking medications to improve bone density during prostate cancer treatment? Bone density loss is common for men who are undergoing prostate cancer treatment. There are several things men can do to help improve their density including changing their lifestyle and taking medications. Physician’s Assistant Jennifer Wilson discusses the benefit of […]

How to Increase Bone Mass in Patients with Prostate Cancer

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Can you increase bone mass in patients with prostate cancer? Androgen-Deprivation treatment can increase a man’s risk for developing bone loss. Several hormones protect bones from losing density and testosterone is one of theses. Androgen-Deprivation treatment causes testosterone levels to go down and bone loss starts to occur at an increasing rate. There are some […]

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Bone Health

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Bone Health

Issues to consider in prostate cancer treatment and bone health. Prostate cancer treatment and bone health are closely linked. The most effective treatment of advanced prostate cancer is to reduce the serum testosterone. Traditionally, this has been done by surgical castration and more recently with chemical castration. Outside of the United States, 90% of men […]

Side Effects of Hormone Therapy

side effects of hormone therapy

Common side effects of hormone therapy. Side effects of hormone therapy, which occur when levels of the serum testosterone are lowered, can have many impacts on day-to-day life and many men are afraid of such treatments.  Sexual dysfunction, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction are all side effects of hormone therapy. Bone health is also an […]

When is Hormone Therapy Used for Prostate Cancer?

hormone therapy

Use of hormone therapy explained. Hormone therapy, also known as anti-hormonal therapy, works by reducing serum testosterone levels.  This is highly effective in controlling the growth and progression of prostate cancer cells in early stage as well as advanced stage prostate cancers. In trials, research has shown that patients live longer if they receive six-month […]

Is Chemotherapy Used for Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Chemotherapy Used for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Types of Chemotherapy Used for Prostate Cancer Treatment Conventional chemotherapy has been used for prostate cancer treatment for decades.  So far, there is little evidence that chemotherapy used for prostate cancer treatment early in the course of the disease will alter patient outcome. The main use of chemotherapy for prostate cancer is usually in the […]

Possible Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Emotional Changes?

Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Emotional

Will I have hormone therapy emotional changes? Advanced prostate cancer doesn’t always have the same treatment options as early stage prostate cancer. Early stage prostate cancer is often treated with surgery and radiation. These treatments have side-effects of their own, such as impotence and incontinence. Advanced prostate cancer must be treated with other techniques, and […]

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