Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Dr. E David Crawford Prostate Cancer

Dr. Crawford talks about the seven new treatments for advanced prostate cancer that have come into use in the last four years in this video. New treatments include drugs that lower testosterone to starve prostate cancer cells, bone-protective drugs that keep prostate cancer from spreading to bone, and immunotherapy that uses the body’s own immune […]

Types of Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Side Effects of Aggressive Prostate Cancer Treatment

Urologic surgeon Dr. Daskivich explains the 3 major types of prostate cancer treatment and what their recovery periods are like. The three types of treatment include: surgery, radiation therapy, and brachytherapy. Timothy Daskivich, MD: The treatments for prostate cancer generally fall under three major categories, surgical treatment, radiation treatment, and brachytherapy. Now surgical treatment can […]

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