Am I at Risk for Cancer If I Don’t Follow an Organic Food Diet?

Organic Food

Am I at Risk for Cancer If I Don’t Eat Organic Food? Eating organic foods have become more popular than ever. Society is being more careful about what they put into their bodies. But what does eating organic┬ámean to you as far as your cancer risk? Dr. Brian Lawenda says that whenever possible, you should […]

Survivor Story: AZ DBacks CEO Derrick Hall Shares His Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Story


Derrick Hall shares his prostate cancer diagnosis story Known throughout the game of baseball for his never-ending positivity and pioneering spirit, D-backs President & CEO Derrick Hall turned the franchise into a model organization focused on a fan experience and corporate culture that was second-to-none, paired with the goal of competing for a championship on […]

Former NFL Player Todd McMillon’s Advice for Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients

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Todd McMillon shares advice for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients Todd McMillon was in nearly perfect health when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 39. Todd was a former athlete in near perfect health. He had a family history of prostate cancer, so underwent regular PSA testing. This saved his life. […]

Former NFL Player Todd McMillon Shares His Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Story

prostate cancer diagnosis

Todd McMillon shares what it was like to be diagnosed with prostate cancer For a man who has just experienced a prostate cancer diagnosis, it always helps to hear from someone who has been there. Todd McMillon, former defensive back for the Chicago Bears was just 39 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and […]

Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness with PCRI


How does PCRI contribute to prostate cancer research and awareness? The Prostate Cancer Research Institute has been contributing to prostate cancer research and awareness since it was founded in 1996. Dr. Mark Sholz, one of the founding doctors, explains what PCRI does exactly and how that benefits men. A patient who understands his disease and […]

Getting Involved with the Prostate Cancer Community

oncotype dx test

How do you get involved with the prostate cancer community? Gary Johnson was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer nine years ago. Gary and his is wife Marlys became involved with the prostate cancer community after going to a camp for cancer survivors.They felt encouraged and became very active in the community. Gary and Marlys now […]

How to Cope with a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

prostate cancer diagnosis

Gary and Marlys Johnson share how they coped with a prostate cancer diagnosis. A prostate cancer diagnosis can shake even the most study of people to the core. Not only does affect things that are considered essential to manhood, it also can have a major impact on your spouse as well. In the video below, […]

How Living with Prostate Cancer Changed Our Outlook


What is it like to live with prostate cancer? A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. Gary Johnson has been living with prostate cancer for the last nine years. He and his wife talk about how their lives have changed over that time. Gary has a deeper appreciation for life and wants to maintain […]

Choose Future Prostate Cancer Research with

Prostate Cancer Research Donations

┬á offers prostate cancer survivors an opportunity choose where prostate cancer research donations go At Prostate Cancer Live, we strive to bring you the latest information in the prostate cancer world so that you can be informed patients, caregivers, and loved ones. We also try to connect you with the best prostate cancer resources on […]

Mo from Movember: Beyond Prostate Cancer

Murray Profile

While prostate cancer is our chief focus here at Prostate Cancer Live, the month of Movember is about shining a beacon of awareness on the larger group of men’s health issues. Today we bring you a story from a fellow brother-in-the-Mo, testicular cancer survivor Murray Beaulieu. Murray’s Story My name is Murray Beaulieu and I […]

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