Prostate Problems: What Tests Are Available for Men?


Dr. Nelson talks about tests available for men with prostate problems When a man has prostate problems, they will typically go see their primary care physician. Your physician will typically begin with a urine analysis, a PSA test, or a digital rectal exam. Digital rectal exams are often forgotten, but about 15% of prostate cancers […]

How Science is Cutting Prostate Cancer Mortality in Older Men


Dr. Bevan-Thomas talks about cutting prostate cancer mortality in older men In this video, Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses about a recent study that came out talking about prostate cancer in older man. But first, who is who is an older man? Generally, we are talking about men who are 70+ years old. When older men are […]

What is the Most Important Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer?

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Dr. Nelson explains risk factors for prostate cancer Despite what many people think, an enlarged prostate is not a risk factor for developing prostate cancer. It is a risk factor, however, for having voiding symptoms. Obesity on the other hand can be a risk for developing prostate cancer and having more aggressive forms. There have […]

Arizona DBacks CEO Derrick Hall Talks About the Importance of Prostate Cancer Awareness

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Why prostate cancer awareness is important to Derrick Hall In this video, Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall talks about how important is is to him to spread prostate cancer awareness, after being diagnosed at age 42. Derrick thinks it’s important for individuals to be as forthcoming in open and honest as possible if they are […]

Has There Been an Overall Increase in High-Risk Prostate Cancer?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas talks about overall increases in high-risk prostate cancer As part of our mission to provide the latest news in terms that patients can understand, in this video Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas at Prostate Cancer Live talks about an interesting presentation from the 2015 Genitourinary Cancer Symposium in Orlando, FL. The topic of this presentation […]

What is a Positive Margin After a Prostatectomy?


Dr. Bevan Thomas explains what a positive margin after a prostatectomy means In an ideal world, after radical prostatectomy, the pathologist would send a triumphant report to the surgeon: “I’ve looked at the prostate tissue you removed from Mr. Jones, and all of the edges are clear. Congratulations! You’ve removed all the cancer!” Most often, it […]

Does testosterone replacement therapy increase the risk of prostate cancer?

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Does TRT cause prostate cancer? Testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, is becoming increasingly popular for men who are entering middle age. As men age, their testosterone declines. This process is increased by lack of activity and a poor diet. As a result, testosterone replacement therapy has becoming increasingly mainstream. You’ve seen the commercials on TV […]

Survivor Story: Derrick Hall Talks About Prostate Cancer Treatment and the Importance of PSA Testing

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Derrick Hall shares his prostate cancer treatment story Derrick Hall was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 42. Since then, he has taken a very public role in sharing his story so that other men never have to feel like they are alone. In this video, Derrick talks about his prostate cancer treatment experience. He […]

Survivor Story: AZ DBacks CEO Derrick Hall Shares His Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Story


Derrick Hall shares his prostate cancer diagnosis story Known throughout the game of baseball for his never-ending positivity and pioneering spirit, D-backs President & CEO Derrick Hall turned the franchise into a model organization focused on a fan experience and corporate culture that was second-to-none, paired with the goal of competing for a championship on […]

When Should Men be Screened for Prostate Cancer?


Dr. Nelson talks about when men should be screened for prostate cancer Prostate cancer is the most common solid tumor in men in the United States.  Approximately, 230,000 men are diagnosed every year with prostate cancer, about 30,000 men a year die from prostate cancer. This has significantly decreased almost 50% from what it was 20 […]

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