What Types of Prostate Cancer Patients Should Choose Active Surveillance?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses what kinds of patients should choose active surveillance Active surveillance is generally for patients that have lower grade prostate cancer because those cancers tend to grow more slowly. But, there has been a debate for a number of years about the over- and under- treatment of prostate cancer, and whether some prostate […]

How Does Genomic Testing Help Physicians Make Better Treatment Decisions?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses genomic testing Genomic testing assays, like the Oncotype DX test, help physicians treat patients because it gives them a wider range of information. Certainly with cancer and in particular prostate cancer, knowledge is power. The more knowledge that physicians know about a tumor, the better chance they can make an informed decision […]

How Has Genomic Testing Changed Prostate Cancer Treatment?

xofigo for prostate cancer

Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses how genomic testing has changed prostate cancer treatment Prostate cancer treatment decisions have changed a lot over the last ten years. One of the challenges that physicians have found over last five years or so is the fact that they are finding more and more lower grade prostate cancers. Physicians see patients […]

What Tools Should My Prostate Cancer Doctor Doctor Be Using?

prostate cancer

Dr Bevan-Thomas explains common tools that prostate cancer doctors use Prostate cancer treatment has changed quite a bit in the past ten years. Doctors now have many more tools at their disposal. More tools means more personalized treatment, because not all prostate cancers are the same. In the past, a “one-size-fits-all” approach was taken. But […]

Why is it Beneficial to Know the Biology of a Prostate Cancer Tumor?

xofigo for prostate cancer

Dr. Bevan-Thomas explains why knowing the biology of a prostate cancer tumor is important You may not know, but prostate cancer treatment has come a long way in the past decade, Previously, physicians used a “one-size-fits-all” method of treating prostate cancer, regardless of the aggressiveness of the tumor. Physicians are now able to analyze the […]

Who is Eligible for the Oncotype DX Test?

oncotype dx test

Dr. Bevan-Thomas explains what type of patients can benefit from the Oncotype DX test Choosing active surveillance for prostate cancer is not always an easy decision. It is difficult to know that you have been diagnosed with a disease like prostate cancer, yet choose to just monitor the progress rather than directly treat the disease […]

How Does Genetic Testing Help Doctors Personalize Prostate Cancer Treatment?

oncotype DX test

Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas explains how doctors use the Oncotype DX Test. Have you heard about genomic testing? Advances are being made daily in the fight against prostate cancer. In the past decade, doctors have learned quite a bit more about prostate cancer and have a more complex understanding of how the disease works. These strides […]

The Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer


What treatment options for prostate cancer are available to patients today? Patients with prostate cancer have more types of treatments available today than in the past. Dr. David Albala goes over three treatment options for prostate cancer patients in this interview. Robotic surgeries are more common than open surgeries, but both can cure patients of […]

Treatment Options for Stage III Prostate Cancer


What are the options for Stage 3 prostate cancer? A diagnosis of Stage 3 prostate cancer means the cancer is present outside the prostate gland. Advanced imaging techniques are generally needed to make the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, there are several different treatment options available for patients. Dr. Howard Tay is a Urologist with experience in […]

What is the Oncotype DX Test?


Dr. Rich Bevan-Thomas talks about the Oncotype DX Test Prostate cancer treatment has come a long way in the past few years. In the past, many prostate cancers were “over-treated” and even less-aggressive tumors were still given the full brunt of treatments. Far from relying on a one-size-fits-all method, doctors are now able to offer […]

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