Survivor Story: Choosing Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

John talks about his decision to undergo robotic prostate cancer surgery

prostate cancer treatmentThere are many options available in treating prostate cancer.

Robotic surgery has become much more prevalent in the last ten years. It benefits both surgeons and patients. Surgeons like the enhanced abilities the robot provides, and patients experience much less pain and have a shorter recovery time.

John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s. He chose robotic surgery as a treatment option, and has never looked back.

He wants you to know that you’re not alone, and should always choose the best treatment method for you.

For more, watch John in the video below.

John:  Number one, the robotic prostatectomy.  Number two, a seed.  Number three, the radiation, but he also told me that if we did the seed or the radiation, there is a possibility of it coming back. 

Well in my mind, it’s like I don’t want it to come back, so my best option was to remove it, so of course my wife push me in that direction as well, so but that’s what we decided. 

We are looking back on the robotic prostatectomy, it was to me was the best option because the fear was that if it came back, there was no other cure at that time is as far as I could tell.  So looking back, it was the best option for me.

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