Former NFL Player Todd McMillon’s Advice for Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients

Todd McMillon shares advice for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.38.46 PMTodd McMillon was in nearly perfect health when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 39.

Todd was a former athlete in near perfect health. He had a family history of prostate cancer, so underwent regular PSA testing. This saved his life.

He elected to undergo robotic surgery and is committed to sharing his story so all men know they are not alone.

In this video, Todd shares his advice for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients.

Todd McMillon:  For me any advice I can give a newly diagnosed patient is once I found out I was going to have Da Vinci surgery, I YouTube it.  I went crazy and my wife was what are you doing?  Why are you watching that?  I am sitting like did you see what they are going do to me?  It’s a lot of horror stories out there and I think are more horrors stories than good stories.  That was scary for me because here I was getting ready to go through this procedure and I am hearing all this bad stuff.  Whatever questions I have from my doctor, I would ask. 

You know, if you have a really good doctor, he should be able to answer anything you have for and the other advice I would give is have somebody to talk to.  You know I had my wife and I could talk to her, but I had another guy friend who also was there for me who I could just tell him how scare I was, how worried I was and I think that’s the whole thing with being a man as you can’t let people see you down, you cannot let people noted you are crying that you are hurt and I was 39 and I could possibly not see my kids again. 

I didn’t tell a lot of people because I didn’t want people to be like oh so sorry to hear that you got prostate cancer, that sucks, so whoever I share that I had prostate cancer with somebody I knew would lift me up.  Slowly, it went from why me, why me, why me to why not me, why not me.  I can go up to anybody and talk to anybody, so why not me.

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