Survivor Story: How Important is a Caregiver During Prostate Cancer?

John talks about the importance of a caregiver during prostate cancer

162412065 (1)Prostate cancer doesn’t only affect a man who is diagnosed. It also affects his partner.

Having a good caregiver can make prostate cancer much easier. Partners are able to work as a team.

They can function in a role of support and also accountability.

John has been there. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s. He’s telling his story so you don’t have to go through it alone.

In this video, John talks about the importance of caregiving for prostate cancer.

John:  How important is a caregiver, it’s huge because you actually working as a team maintain that just kind of do whatever they want to do, but your caregiver was say okay really you need this is what we need to do and you need to stay you know on the straight narrow after all this has done even before.  You know, they are very supportive. 

I mean my wife, she was so supportive unbelievably supportive when we started this whole process.  She was pretty strong and I was kind of the one that was just like okay lets get this done you know, but it’s kind of my makeup anyway so, but as far as caregivers, there is lots to talk about and there is lots of things that the caregiver needs to know about me and what have yet, but my wife is just an angel really.  I mean she is still helping me.

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