Hangout on Air: How Prostate Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Does prostate cancer screening save lives?

PCLHOAfeatProstate cancer screening can be a bit of an afterthought to most men. Maybe even a minor annoyance. But, prostate cancer screening can save your life. It’s for that reason, on May14’s Hangout on Air, Dr. Bevan-Thomas talked about the importance of prostate cancer screening, in terms patients can understand.

In this live event, which you can watch on-demand below, Dr. Bevan-Thomas answered the following patient questions (click the question below to view the question and answer from the Hangout):

1) We know there’s been a debate on prostate cancer screening, where are we in that debate?

2) Are there inherent problems or risks with the screenings?

3) Is it worth it to continue to screen patients?  If we just give up the PSA completely, what problems are we going to have?

4) Can we talk about getting a baseline PSA in your 40s?  If I’m not presenting at my primary physician with any problems, am I being pushy by asking my primary to have me sent to a specialist to get a PSA?

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