How Prostate Cancer Has Affected Former NFL Player Todd McMillon’s Life

Todd McMillon shares how prostate cancer has changed his life

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.30.24 AMTodd McMillon was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 39.

Since he knew he had a family history, he underwent regular testing. This saved his life.

As a result, Todd is committed to sharing his story with other men, in hopes that they will understand the importance of regular PSA testing.

In this video, Todd talks about how prostate cancer has affected his life.

Todd McMillon:  What I have learned from my experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, a lot of men just don’t know that prostate cancer exist and if they do know prostate cancer exist, they have limited knowledge of prostate cancer.  It’s funny because my dad didn’t tell me that he had prostate cancer.  I think he was embarrassed because when you think a prostate cancer you think of your private is not working again and I find that’s the biggest concern of a lot of men who I engage in conversation is you know does it still work, do you still have erections. 

You know as a man that if I can’t do that I am no longer, am I a strong man.  The doctor told me during our consultation what my wife that you know everything will work fine, but you wouldn’t be able to ejaculate.  When you hear that when you hear the possibilities of what you can loose, it is scary, it is scary and for a brief second my wife looked at me are you crazy, you are going to have this surgery, if you are just worried about that. 

She is like it’s better for me anyway.  It’s not as no mess, so anyways I learned a lot about that portion of it and when guys asks me is it still the same, I am able to comfort and say it really is.  If it is not prostate cancer, it can always be something else.  Just the whole idea if you are going to a doctor and doing your routine checkups or doing your routine tests or just knowing you know my mother had this, my father had this that’s your first step.  It’s alright.  There is nothing to be afraid about.  This is my story.  This is what I went through and it’s not the end of the road if you have prostate cancer because it is one of the most curable cancers we have got and detected early.

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