Risks Associated with Bone Health during Prostate Cancer Treatment

What are the risks associated with bone health during prostate cancer treatment?

462273661Are you taking care of your bones during your prostate cancer treatment? You probably should be. Men tend to lose bone density during hormone deprivation treatment. The loss can cause a number of issues. Jennifer Wilson, PA-C, discusses the risks associated with bone health during prostate cancer treatment in this video.

To learn more about bone health during prostate cancer treatment watch “Improving Bone Density During Prostate Cancer Treatment” with Jennifer Wilson.

Video Transcripts

Here are some risks of not addressing your bone health while undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

So for patients who have a prostate cancer diagnosis who may or may not be on hormone deprivation therapy , if we know they are at increased risk for developing bone fractures and they don’t do anything, this could essentially, ultimately result in a fracture which, again, delays treatment of your prostate cancer. It can complicate the treatment of your prostate cancer because you may have to undergo surgeries to fix certain fractures which delays progress in your prostate cancer treatment. So by not taking care of your bone health, you’re putting yourself at risk for delaying treatment and prostate cancer ultimately. Also, anytime we don’t take care of our bones and we suffer fractures, you’re more likely to be in long stays in hospitals and decrease your quality of life.

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