Survivor Story: Derrick Hall Talks About Prostate Cancer Treatment and the Importance of PSA Testing

Derrick Hall shares his prostate cancer treatment story


Derrick Hall was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 42. Since then, he has taken a very public role in sharing his story so that other men never have to feel like they are alone.

In this video, Derrick talks about his prostate cancer treatment experience. He elected a radical prostatectomy via Da Vinci surgery. He advises other men to research all treatment options and work with their treatment team to decide which route is best for them.

The PSA test is the subject of some controversy, but Derrick attributes it to saving his life. He also touches on the importance of regular PSA testing for men.

For more on prostate cancer treatment and PSA testing, watch Derrick in this video:

Video Transcript

Derrick Hall:  I am Derrick Hall, President and CEO at the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I have now been here.  This will be my 10th season coming up.  Before that I spent about 12 seasons with the LA Dodgers.  I have enjoyed a life in a profession in major league baseball and I am a cancer survivor, prostate cancer.

There is a lot of fear out there when it comes to the robotic surgery when it comes to Da Vinci and I think really with any surgery.  You know before that when you had radical prostatectomy, I looked at those numbers and that method as well and there is still some today that go though that same procedure, but for me I think that Da Vinci made the most sense.  I saw the success rate.  Certainly, I had faith in my surgeon and there are so many good surgeons. 

You know here locally, my urologist who performed the surgery you know so many times a week, he has become a master and they all have.  I don’t think there should be any fear.  If a patient has faith in his surgeon and in his doctor, everything will be fine.  You know that’s the massage you really have to send to those that are looking at all the different possibilities and when I had people that come to me and said what should I do, I don’t think it’s my place to say you should A, B, or C.  I think my place to say look in all of them as I did. 

Do your due diligence with each of those different treatment formulas and come up with what is best for you and your family what you feel most comfortable with and for me to go visit with my surgeon, sit down with him and my wife and I felt really about the bedside manner, about the experience, about the care, about the concern, the compassion for the patient. 

It was a no-brainer for me and I think too often you hear men should be checked when they are 50.  I just screwed with that obviously.  I wasn’t 50 years of age if I waited till I was 50 it would have been too late, I think in the 30, 35, 40 if you have a family history, go get tested and there is a lot of debate out their about the PSA for example.  You know government gets involved, medical society does not, and I would argue, debate, and fight any of those individuals that say that the PSA should not take place and does not matter, because the PSA saved my life.

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