Survivor Story: How Has Life Changed Since Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

John talks about how life has changed for him after undergoing robotic surgery for prostate cancer

177008288 (1)Robotic surgery has a lot of advantages over traditional surgery. For most patients, this means not taking care of a large incision and shortened recovery time.

Doctors are also able to spare more nerves and work more precisely while using the robot to perform surgery. This can lead to decreased side effects, like erectile dysfunction.

John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s. He wants you to know you’re not alone. He underwent robotic prostate surgery for his prostate cancer.

In this video, he talks about what recovery was like.

Video Transcript

John:  What I have done differently after my robotic prostatectomy and be in four years out is that I have changed my nutrition. 

I tried to stay as clean.  Eating is clean as possible.  I do workout.  I say I workout, I walk a lot and that’s those are just some other things my wife actually my wife help me with that because she needed to do it as well and so we are doing it together, so that helps both of us so we are a team now.  I mean it’s just basically that’s what we are doing.


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