What Types of Prostate Cancer Patients Should Choose Active Surveillance?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses what kinds of patients should choose active surveillance Active surveillance is generally for patients that have lower grade prostate cancer because those cancers tend to grow more slowly. But, there has been a debate for a number of years about the over- and under- treatment of prostate cancer, and whether some prostate […]

Hangout on Air: Dr. Bevan-Thomas Explains Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer Patients


What is active surveillance for prostate cancer? Active surveillance for prostate cancer is something most men are unaware of until they are diagnosed. But even then, the thought of simply monitoring prostate cancer and leaving it untreated for the time being can cause anxiety and hesitation. It’s for that reason, on April 16’s Hangout on […]

What Makes a Good Candidate for Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer?


Cases where active surveillance is a treatment option for prostate cancer. Some cancers are aggressive, and some are not. Men who have aggressive cancers generally need to have treatment right away. Those with less aggressive types may be good candidates for active surveillance. Some men never need treatment. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discusses what is involved […]

Is Active Surveillance Right for You?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Active Surveillance? Is that a treatment? - Prostate Cancer Live

Is active treatment a good treatment option for some men with prostate cancer? Patients electing active surveillance for prostate cancer has become commonplace in the United States in recent years. Recent advances in technology have made what used to be an option for older men available for men of all ages who’s prostate cancer has […]

How to Find Positives in a Metastatic Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

radiation therapy for prostate cancer

What is life like with metastatic prostate cancer? Joel Nowak was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer 12 years ago. Today he feels as healthy and happy as he ever has. Joel reminds himself everyday that he is alive and tries to focus on things that make him happy. It can be easy to get caught […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

active surveillance for prostate cancer

How do I know if active surveillance for prostate cancer is the right choice for me? Choosing active surveillance for prostate cancer is a decision that has to be made between a patient and his doctor. This is important because the decision to watch your prostate cancer is not only based on the fact that […]

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