Who is Eligible for the Oncotype DX Test?

oncotype dx test

Dr. Bevan-Thomas explains what type of patients can benefit from the Oncotype DX test Choosing active surveillance for prostate cancer is not always an easy decision. It is difficult to know that you have been diagnosed with a disease like prostate cancer, yet choose to just monitor the progress rather than directly treat the disease […]

The Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer


What treatment options for prostate cancer are available to patients today? Patients with prostate cancer have more types of treatments available today than in the past. Dr. David Albala goes over three treatment options for prostate cancer patients in this interview. Robotic surgeries are more common than open surgeries, but both can cure patients of […]

Is Active Surveillance Right for You?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Active Surveillance? Is that a treatment? - Prostate Cancer Live

Is active treatment a good treatment option for some men with prostate cancer? Patients electing active surveillance for prostate cancer has become commonplace in the United States in recent years. Recent advances in technology have made what used to be an option for older men available for men of all ages who’s prostate cancer has […]

Why is it Beneficial to Know the Biology of a Prostate Cancer Tumor?

Biology of a Prostate Cancer Tumor

Why the biology of a prostate cancer tumor should be assessed. Not all prostate cancers are the same. Some are high-risk and aggressive, some can be monitored and controlled. The course of care that a patient will receive will be based on the aggressiveness of the tumor. Patients with low-risk cancer may not always be […]

The Oncotype DX Test


What is the Oncotype DX test? The Oncotype DX test is relatively new in the fight against cancer. It is a genetic test which looks at the tumor biology of your prostate cancer biopsy tissue. Doctors use this test with a patient’s PSA score and clinical stage to more accurately determine the aggressiveness of your […]

How does the Oncotype DX test help patients on active surveillance for prostate cancer?

xofigo for prostate cancer

Active Surveillance with the Oncotype DX test Choosing active surveillance as a treatment path for prostate cancer can be a difficult decision for patients. It can be hard to be diagnosed with a disease like prostate cancer and then take a “wait and see” approach. However, new technologies like the Oncotype┬áDX test allow men to […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

active surveillance for prostate cancer

How do I know if active surveillance for prostate cancer is the right choice for me? Choosing active surveillance for prostate cancer is a decision that has to be made between a patient and his doctor. This is important because the decision to watch your prostate cancer is not only based on the fact that […]

What Tests Determine if Active Surveillance is an Option for Prostate Cancer?

radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Tests for Active Surveillance There are several tests doctors use to determine if a patient is a good candidate for active surveillance as a treatment option. Doctors determine a patient’s Gleason score by examining the suspect tissue and rating the aggressiveness of the tumor on a scale that ranges from 1 to 10. The Prostate-Specific […]

Candidates for Active Surveillance

prostate cancer

Who is a good candidate for active surveillance? Newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients may be wondering if they are a candidate for active surveillance . “There are three factors you consider before going on active surveillance,” Dr. Mark Scholz says. Those factors are your PSA, your Gleason score, and the results of imaging. Doctors use […]

Localized Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Dr. E David Crawford Prostate Cancer

Men who have early stage, localized prostate cancer have several options available to them, from simply monitoring the prostate cancer and seeing if it progresses (active surveillance) to treating it with surgery, radiation, and other options. Dr. Crawford discusses these options in this clip. Dr. Crawford gives a “30,000 foot overview” of prostate cancer treatments […]

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