Risks Associated with Bone Health during Prostate Cancer Treatment

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What are the risks associated with bone health during prostate cancer treatment? Are you taking care of your bones during your prostate cancer treatment? You probably should be. Men tend to lose bone density during hormone deprivation treatment. The loss can cause a number of issues. Jennifer Wilson, PA-C, discusses the risks associated with bone […]

Improving Bone Density During Prostate Cancer Treatment

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What are some benefits of taking medications to improve bone density during prostate cancer treatment? Bone density loss is common for men who are undergoing prostate cancer treatment. There are several things men can do to help improve their density including changing their lifestyle and taking medications. Physician’s Assistant Jennifer Wilson discusses the benefit of […]

Caring for Your Bones after a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


How do you care for your bones after a prostate cancer diagnosis? You may not be thinking about your bones after a prostate cancer diagnosis, but you should be. Patients with prostate cancer often undergo hormone deprivation therapy. Recent research has found a link between hormone deprivation therapy and osteoporosis. Physician’s Assistant Jennifer Wilson is […]

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