What Tools Should My Prostate Cancer Doctor Doctor Be Using?

prostate cancer

Dr Bevan-Thomas explains common tools that prostate cancer doctors use Prostate cancer treatment has changed quite a bit in the past ten years. Doctors now have many more tools at their disposal. More tools means more personalized treatment, because not all prostate cancers are the same. In the past, a “one-size-fits-all” approach was taken. But […]

Why is it Beneficial to Know the Biology of a Prostate Cancer Tumor?

xofigo for prostate cancer

Dr. Bevan-Thomas explains why knowing the biology of a prostate cancer tumor is important You may not know, but prostate cancer treatment has come a long way in the past decade, Previously, physicians used a “one-size-fits-all” method of treating prostate cancer, regardless of the aggressiveness of the tumor. Physicians are now able to analyze the […]

What are the Biggest Fears of a Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patient?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas covers common fears of newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients It goes without saying that being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be scary. Nobody wants to hear the words: “you have cancer.” However, not all prostate cancer are the same. Some are high-risk and aggressive, some are lower-risk and may not even require treatment. […]

What is Watchful Waiting for Prostate Cancer?

watchful waiting for prostate cancer

Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas explains when physicians will recommend watchful waiting for prostate cancer. Watchful waiting for prostate cancer is pretty much what it sounds like. In cases where men are of advanced age or expected to outlive the cancer’s development, doctors will monitor the disease without intervening. It is in these cases that early treatment […]

Clinical and Pathological Staging for Prostate Cancer: What’s the Difference?


What is the difference between clinical and pathological staging for prostate cancer? It is important for cancer patients to be familiar with the staging process and terminology. Many patients get confused when first learning about staging and staging terms. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas provides a thorough explanation of it all in the video below. A lot […]

What Role Does PSA Level Play When Assessing Risk and Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer?

psa level

How doctors use the PSA level to determine prostate cancer risk and treatment options. The time during a prostate cancer diagnosis can be very stressful. It is a lot of information to digest, on top of biopsies and tests and numbers. One constant a recently diagnosed prostate cancer patient will hear often is the PSA […]

Victor’s Survivor Story: What Advice Would You Give to a Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patient


Advice for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients For newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients, it always helps to hear from someone who has been there. Sure, your doctor can provide some comfort and information, but hearing from someone who has battled prostate cancer first hand always gives peace of mind. Victor was diagnosed with prostate cancer […]

Survivor Story: What Was Your Prostate Cancer Experience Like?


Prostate cancer survivor Victor shares his story Have you wondered what prostate cancer is like? While doctors can provide some comfort, it always helps to hear from someone who was there. Victor was an otherwise healthy man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He chose cryoablation (freezing the prostate cancer cells) as a treatment option. […]

What to Expect after a Prostate Cancer Biopsy?


What happens after a prostate cancer biopsy? A prostate cancer biopsy uses ultrasound imaging to guide several small needles through the rectum wall into areas of the prostate. These needles extract tissue samples to test for cancerous cells. What happens next? Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas goes over what happens after a prostate cancer biopsy in this […]

Treatments to Help Achieve Erections after Prostate Surgery


What types of treatments are there to help achieve erections after prostate surgery? There are a number of treatments available to help men with erectile dysfunction. Several different drugs are currently on the market that help maintain an erection. Cialis and Viagra are among those most commonly used. Penile pumps are another tool that can […]

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