Preparing for Your Prostate Cancer Doctor’s Visit

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How should I prepare for a prostate cancer doctor’s visit? Joel Nowak is a three time cancer survivor. He has had prostate cancer twice. In this video offers some advice on how to prepare for a prostate cancer doctor’s visit. He always recommends patients bring someone with them. Patients may hear their doctor differently from […]

Measuring the Effectiveness of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer


How do Doctors Measure the Effectiveness of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer? After radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients may be wondering how well it worked. Dr. Lanceford Chong offers some insight on how doctors measure these outcomes. Post-radiation followup is a series of procedures used to help doctors determine how well your treatment worked. […]

How Does Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Work?

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What is prostate cancer hormone therapy and how does it work? Prostate cancer hormone therapy is used quite often when treating prostate cancer patients. This therapy does not involve the patient actually receiving hormones. Rather, doctors try to suppress the hormone testosterone. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas tells us that prostate cancer cells actually use testosterone for […]

Benefits of Robotic Surgery and Open Surgery for Prostate Cancer


A closer look at the benefits of robotic and open surgery. Robotic surgery and open surgery each offer several benefits for prostate cancer treatments. Robotic surgery surgery and open surgery¬†¬†several benefits including less blood loss and a shorter hospital stay. “Typically, in robotic surgery, the blood loss is from 150 to 200 cc and in […]

What is Life Like After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis? One Patient’s Story

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Victor shares the story of his prostate cancer journey. What’s life like after a prostate cancer diagnosis? Victor found out the hard way after being diagnosed at the age of 52. He had radiation treatment to kill the cancerous cells in his body. His PSA levels were okay for awhile, but the cancer eventually came […]

Risks Associated with Bone Health during Prostate Cancer Treatment

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What are the risks associated with bone health during prostate cancer treatment? Are you taking care of your bones during your prostate cancer treatment? You probably should be. Men tend to lose bone density during hormone deprivation treatment. The loss can cause a number of issues. Jennifer Wilson, PA-C, discusses the risks associated with bone […]

Some Short and Long-Term Complications from Prostatectomy


What are the short and long-term complications from prostatectomy? Are you going to have a prostatectomy? Do you know about the short and long-term complications? These procedures are necessary, but there are some things you need to know about life after treatment. There are several types of complications that tend to follow this surgery. Doctor […]

The Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer


What treatment options for prostate cancer are available to patients today? Patients with prostate cancer have more types of treatments available today than in the past. Dr. David Albala goes over three treatment options for prostate cancer patients in this interview. Robotic surgeries are more common than open surgeries, but both can cure patients of […]

Treatment Options for Stage IV Prostate Cancer

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What are the treatment options for Stage 4 prostate cancer? A person is diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer when the cancer is in other organs. Often, it is found in a patient’s bones, but can be found all over. There are different treatments available for patients today. Which treatment options are the best depend […]

Treatment Options for Stage III Prostate Cancer


What are the options for Stage 3 prostate cancer? A diagnosis of Stage 3 prostate cancer means the cancer is present outside the prostate gland. Advanced imaging techniques are generally needed to make the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, there are several different treatment options available for patients. Dr. Howard Tay is a Urologist with experience in […]

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