Preparing for Your Prostate Cancer Doctor’s Visit

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How should I prepare for a prostate cancer doctor’s visit? Joel Nowak is a three time cancer survivor. He has had prostate cancer twice. In this video offers some advice on how to prepare for a prostate cancer doctor’s visit. He always recommends patients bring someone with them. Patients may hear their doctor differently from […]

Treatment Options for Stage III Prostate Cancer


What are the options for Stage 3 prostate cancer? A diagnosis of Stage 3 prostate cancer means the cancer is present outside the prostate gland. Advanced imaging techniques are generally needed to make the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, there are several different treatment options available for patients. Dr. Howard Tay is a Urologist with experience in […]

I Have No Symptoms, How Can I Still Have Prostate Cancer?

Types of Catheters Used After Prostate Surgery

How can you have prostate cancer without symptoms? The prostate is a gland that wraps around the urine channel. It may be hard to believe that a man could have prostate cancer without symptoms. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas, Urologist & Prostate Cancer Specialist, discusses how this may be possible in the video below. Matters of the […]

Using the PSA Test to Diagnose Prostate Cancer


How is the PSA test used to diagnose prostate cancer? Prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, is a protein produced in the prostate gland. The PSA test is used to measure the amount of that protein in a man’s blood. PSA levels in men with prostate cancer are generally high. Doctors use this test along with other […]

Who is a Candidate for Cryoablation for Prostate Cancer

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The process of cryoablation for prostate cancer explained. One of the many treatment options for prostate cancer is called “cryoablation.” Cryoablation for prostate cancer involves the controlled freezing of the prostate gland in order to destroy cancerous cells. This treatment does not discriminate from cancerous from non-cancerous cells. Healthy tissue will be destroyed as well. […]

What Makes a Good Candidate for Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer?


Cases where active surveillance is a treatment option for prostate cancer. Some cancers are aggressive, and some are not. Men who have aggressive cancers generally need to have treatment right away. Those with less aggressive types may be good candidates for active surveillance. Some men never need treatment. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discusses what is involved […]

How to Stay Positive Through Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Gary and Marlys talk about how they stay positive through prostate cancer treatment. Gary Johson has been living with metastatic prostate cancer for nine years. He and his wife Marlys travel around helping others deal with their cancer diagnosis. In this video Gary talks about how to stay positive through prostate cancer treatment. Gary and […]

Taking Responsibility as a Prostate Cancer Patient

Advanced Prostate Cancer Cure

What type of responsibility does a prostate cancer patient have? Joel Nowak learned about his responsibility as a prostate cancer patient the hard way. After his prostate cancer surgery Joel’s urologist was running his PSA tests to keep tabs on the cancer. Once he stopped seeing his urologist he believed his rheumatologist was running them. […]

The Oncotype DX Test


What is the Oncotype DX test? The Oncotype DX test is relatively new in the fight against cancer. It is a genetic test which looks at the tumor biology of your prostate cancer biopsy tissue. Doctors use this test with a patient’s PSA score and clinical stage to more accurately determine the aggressiveness of your […]

Why do prostate cancer patients need to learn about prostate cancer?


Patient advocate Joel Nowak stresses the importance of prostate cancer patients educating themselves. Prostate cancer patients should learn everything they can about their disease. Every patient’s cancer is different. Your treatment will be personalized so it is important to be informed when making decisions. Cancer survivor Joel Nowak believes men diagnosed with prostate cancer should […]

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