What Role Does PSA Level Play When Assessing Risk and Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer?

psa level

How doctors use the PSA level to determine prostate cancer risk and treatment options. The time during a prostate cancer diagnosis can be very stressful. It is a lot of information to digest, on top of biopsies and tests and numbers. One constant a recently diagnosed prostate cancer patient will hear often is the PSA […]

How Does Genetic Testing Help Doctors Personalize Prostate Cancer Treatment?

oncotype DX test

Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas explains how doctors use the Oncotype DX Test. Have you heard about genomic testing? Advances are being made daily in the fight against prostate cancer. In the past decade, doctors have learned quite a bit more about prostate cancer and have a more complex understanding of how the disease works. These strides […]

What is the Risk of Prostate Cancer Recurrence After Radiation Therapy?

oncotype DX test

How doctors assess the risk of prostate cancer recurrence after radiation therapy. Radiation therapy for prostate cancer is a common treatment. Many patients wonder about the risk of prostate cancer recurrence after radiation therapy. However, since no two cases of prostate cancer are the same, the risk of recurrence is dependent upon many factors. Doctors […]

How Doctors Determine Prostate Cancer Risk and Select Treatment

prostate cancer risk

What factors do doctors use when determining prostate cancer risk and treatment options? Doctors examine a wide range of factors when determining prostate cancer risk. These include consulting¬†National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, the cancer’s determined Gleason score, X-ray imaging and the initial staging of the disease. From there, doctors determine the risk of the cancer’s […]

What Prostate Cancer Treatment is Right for Me?

prostate cancer diagnosis

How do you decide which prostate cancer treatment is best for you? There are many things to consider when trying to choose the prostate cancer treatment that is right for you. Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer haven’t had the disease spread beyond the gland and may be classified as low risk. Others may have […]

What Is a Gleason Score?

Eric Klein MD Prostate Cancer Live

Dr. Eric Klein explains who Gleason was and what the Gleason score represents for prostate cancer and the aggressiveness of a patient’s tumor. Learn more in this video. Dr. Eric Klein: Gleason score is a measure of how aggressive the cancer is. Gleason was a pathologist who described a grading system on a scale of […]

Prostate Cancer Gleason Score: What Is It?

Dr. Ronald Tutrone Prostate Cancer Live

Dr. Tutrone talks about the Gleason Score for determining prostate cancer risk. The Gleason Score typically ranges from one to five, with five being slow-growing cancers and ten being fast-growing cancers. Watch this video to learn more. Ronald F. Tutrone, Jr., MD, FACS:¬† Following your prostate biopsy, a urologist will send that tissue to a […]

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