Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prostate Cancer Doctor

prostate cancer doctor

What should I look for in a prostate cancer doctor? It is important for prostate cancer patients to stay informed about their disease as well as their healthcare provider. Patients should ask their doctors how much experience and knowledge they have about the disease and its treatments. Dr. Lanceford Chong advises patients  to seek physicians […]

What to Look For in a Prostate Cancer Doctor

prostate cancer doctor

What should I look for in a prostate cancer doctor? When selecting a cancer specialist there are certain things a prostate cancer patient should look for. After all, you’d want to know a bit of background on a new mechanic before taking your car in to his shop, right? Why should your body be any different? […]

Psychological Effects of a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


What are the psychological effects of a prostate cancer diagnosis? Feeling anxious, tired, or sad after your prostate cancer diagnosis? This can be a very trying time. If you’re not careful, these feelings can lead to depression. Don’t underestimate the psychological effects of a prostate cancer diagnosis. Dr. Beverly Yoches knows what you are going […]

Is There a Weight Management Program for Prostate Cancer Patients?


Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas shares his weight management program for prostate cancer. Maintaining an optimal body weight during prostate cancer treatment can have beneficial effects on a patient’s outcome. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas says that patients who are obese prior to surgery have significantly higher risk of dying from their prostate cancer. He shares his weight management […]

Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness with PCRI


How does PCRI contribute to prostate cancer research and awareness? The Prostate Cancer Research Institute has been contributing to prostate cancer research and awareness since it was founded in 1996. Dr. Mark Sholz, one of the founding doctors, explains what PCRI does exactly and how that benefits men. A patient who understands his disease and […]

How Doctors Determine Prostate Cancer Risk and Select Treatment

prostate cancer risk

What factors do doctors use when determining prostate cancer risk and treatment options? Doctors examine a wide range of factors when determining prostate cancer risk. These include consulting National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, the cancer’s determined Gleason score, X-ray imaging and the initial staging of the disease. From there, doctors determine the risk of the cancer’s […]

The Reality of Prostate Cancer Side Effects


What are prostate cancer side effects like? For many men, prostate cancer side effects will play a significant role in their lives. Many of the side effects are sexual in nature and can strike right at the heart of what many men will feel is their manhood. There are also emotional side effects that can […]

How to Cope with a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

prostate cancer diagnosis

Gary and Marlys Johnson share how they coped with a prostate cancer diagnosis. A prostate cancer diagnosis can shake even the most study of people to the core. Not only does affect things that are considered essential to manhood, it also can have a major impact on your spouse as well. In the video below, […]

Featured Mo Bro: Daniel Perez


Movember is a great awareness-raising event for men’s health issues. Prostate Cancer is a leading men’s health issue and that’s why we’re bringing you the latest in moustaches and prostate cancer all throughout Movember. One of our features this month is “Featured Mo”, or Moustache. This week’s Featured Mo belongs to Daniel Perez. To support Daniel in his moustache […]

Moustache Monday: History of the Mo


The moustache has a long an illustrious history, its whiskers are woven into the fabric of the human race. Facial hair is as old as the humanity itself but the moustache is a more recent development. Before we get into any images of cave men shaving with stone razors (possible in Neolithic times), the oldest […]

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