Clinical and Pathological Staging for Prostate Cancer: What’s the Difference?


What is the difference between clinical and pathological staging for prostate cancer? It is important for cancer patients to be familiar with the staging process and terminology. Many patients get confused when first learning about staging and staging terms. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas provides a thorough explanation of it all in the video below. A lot […]

How Does Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Work?

xofigo for prostate cancer

What is prostate cancer hormone therapy and how does it work? Prostate cancer hormone therapy is used quite often when treating prostate cancer patients. This therapy does not involve the patient actually receiving hormones. Rather, doctors try to suppress the hormone testosterone. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas tells us that prostate cancer cells actually use testosterone for […]

How to Increase Bone Mass in Patients with Prostate Cancer

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Can you increase bone mass in patients with prostate cancer? Androgen-Deprivation treatment can increase a man’s risk for developing bone loss. Several hormones protect bones from losing density and testosterone is one of theses. Androgen-Deprivation treatment causes testosterone levels to go down and bone loss starts to occur at an increasing rate. There are some […]

How to Stay Positive Through Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Gary and Marlys talk about how they stay positive through prostate cancer treatment. Gary Johson has been living with metastatic prostate cancer for nine years. He and his wife Marlys travel around helping others deal with their cancer diagnosis. In this video Gary talks about how to stay positive through prostate cancer treatment. Gary and […]

Getting Involved with the Prostate Cancer Community

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How do you get involved with the prostate cancer community? Gary Johnson was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer nine years ago. Gary and his is wife Marlys became involved with the prostate cancer community after going to a camp for cancer survivors.They felt encouraged and became very active in the community. Gary and Marlys now […]

Emotions after A Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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What emotions do you experience after a prostate cancer diagnosis? A cancer diagnosis can be scary for everyone involved. Does it get better? Marlys Johnson, wife of nine-year prostate cancer survivor Gary Johnson, says the fear and anxiety subside after dealing with the disease for a while. They have a few methods for dealing with […]

How to Find Positives in a Metastatic Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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What is life like with metastatic prostate cancer? Joel Nowak was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer 12 years ago. Today he feels as healthy and happy as he ever has. Joel reminds himself everyday that he is alive and tries to focus on things that make him happy. It can be easy to get caught […]

Immunotherapy and Provenge Explained

Dr. Ronald Tutrone Prostate Cancer Live

Provenge is a form of immunotherapy for metastatic, castrate-resistant prostate cancer, says Dr. Ronald Tutrone. Metastatic prostate cancer is cancer that has spread beyond the bones. Castrate-resistant means that the prescribed hormone therapy is no longer working. Immunotherapy uses a man’s own white blood cells as a treatment. Learn more in this video. Dr. Ronald […]

Prostate Cancer Provenge Immunotherapy


Provenge Immunotherapy is a treatment that was approved three years ago for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer, explains Dr. Tutrone. This treatment is unique in that it uses a patients’ own immune or white blood cells to treat cancer. Watch this video to learn more about the treatment. Ronald F. Tutrone, Jr., MD, FACS: Provenge immunotherapy […]

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