Former NFL Player Todd McMillon’s Advice for Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients

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Todd McMillon shares advice for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients Todd McMillon was in nearly perfect health when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 39. Todd was a former athlete in near perfect health. He had a family history of prostate cancer, so underwent regular PSA testing. This saved his life. […]

What are the Biggest Fears of a Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patient?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas covers common fears of newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients It goes without saying that being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be scary. Nobody wants to hear the words: “you have cancer.” However, not all prostate cancer are the same. Some are high-risk and aggressive, some are lower-risk and may not even require treatment. […]

March 5th Live Event: Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Wednesday March 5th’s Hangout on Air covered essential questions to ask your doctor after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discussed PSA levels, Gleason score, and his view that every patient should educate themselves as much as possible about prostate cancer. Informed decisions […]

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