What is a Prostate Biopsy and What Are the Risks and Rate of Infection?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses prostate biopsy A prostate biopsy is something that few men look forward to. But, it’s important to stay informed and take responsibility for your own health. There are a lot of myths around prostate biopsy. But the procedure has come a long way in the past few years. Rates of infection are […]

What to Expect after a Prostate Cancer Biopsy?


What happens after a prostate cancer biopsy? A prostate cancer biopsy uses ultrasound imaging to guide several small needles through the rectum wall into areas of the prostate. These needles extract tissue samples to test for cancerous cells. What happens next? Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas goes over what happens after a prostate cancer biopsy in this […]

Treatment Options for Stage II Prostate Cancer

Orgasm Changes after Prostate Cancer

What are the treatment options for Stage II prostate cancer? If prostate cancer has progressed to Stage 2, that generally means that your doctor has found a lump or nodule on the prostate. Usually the prostate must be removed. There are several ways surgeons can do this. Dr. Howard Tay is a Urologist experienced with […]

The Importance of Early Detection of Prostate Cancer


Why is early detection important with prostate cancer? It should come as no surprise that it is best to have prostate cancer diagnosed early. Why is this? There are a number of reasons that early detection of prostate cancer is important and Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discusses a few in this video. Having regular prostate cancer […]

How is a Prostate Biopsy Performed?

prostate biopsy

Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas on what to expect during a prostate biopsy. Are you looking forward to a prostate biopsy? The answer to this question is probably no. Many men have images of needles and discomfort associated with undergoing a prostate biopsy. This stigma is important to understand and overcome because a prostate biopsy is still […]

Is Active Surveillance Right for You?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Active Surveillance? Is that a treatment? - Prostate Cancer Live

Is active treatment a good treatment option for some men with prostate cancer? Patients electing active surveillance for prostate cancer has become commonplace in the United States in recent years. Recent advances in technology have made what used to be an option for older men available for men of all ages who’s prostate cancer has […]

Is Prostate Biopsy Safe?


How safe is the prostate biopsy procedure? Prostate biopsy is used to find cancer in the prostate gland. Tissue samples are needed in order to do so. During a prostate biopsy needles are inserted through the rectum to remove a small amount of tissue. Dr. Mark Scholz says this procedure is not entirely safe. The […]

What Tests Determine if Active Surveillance is an Option for Prostate Cancer?

radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Tests for Active Surveillance There are several tests doctors use to determine if a patient is a good candidate for active surveillance as a treatment option. Doctors determine a patient’s Gleason score by examining the suspect tissue and rating the aggressiveness of the tumor on a scale that ranges from 1 to 10. The Prostate-Specific […]

The Benefits of Using Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer


What are the benefits of using prostate cancer ultrasound? Advances in imaging are giving doctors the tools they need to produce a better quality of life for prostate cancer patients and reduce patient discomfort during routine procedures. According to Dr. Mark Scholz, a prostate cancer ultrasound is generally used to determine the presence or absence […]

The Uses of Prostate MRI


What are the uses of prostate MRI? Prostate MRI is a new imaging technique used for screening and monitoring prostate cancer. The use of MRIs can reduce the frequency of biopsies a patient receives. Prostate cancer biopsies are uncomfortable and can cause infections among other problems. Men with lower grade cancers can safely monitor the […]

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