What is the Life Expectancy of Prostate Cancer?


What is the life expectancy of prostate cancer? After the shock of a prostate cancer diagnosis, many men wonder about life expectancy. “Will I survive?” is a common question. The good news is that when prostate cancer is caught early, it is a very survivable disease. That’s why early screening and detection is so important. […]

Advice for Older Men Just Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Side Effects of Aggressive Prostate Cancer Treatment

In this video, Dr. Daskivich discusses two of the major considerations older prostate cancer patients should be aware of when determining whether or not they should proceed with aggressive treatments. Timothy Daskivich, MD: So, for an older man newly diagnosed with prostrate cancer, there are two major things that they really need to think about. […]

Prostate Cancer Life Expectancy

Dr. Ronald Tutrone Prostate Cancer Live

What factors affect prostate cancer life expectancy? Many patients wonder about prostate cancer life expectancy. If prostate cancer is localized, patients have a 95% chance of living more than five years, explains Dr. Tutrone.¬†Thanks to the development of newer treatments, prostate cancer life expectancy is much longer than in the past. If the cancer is […]

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