Understanding the Risk Categories for Prostate Cancer


Understanding the Risk Categories for Prostate Cancer This Hangout on Air┬ácovered the different risk categories for prostate cancer. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discussed the┬áNational Comprehensive Cancer Network’s classification guidelines, digital rectum exams, and his view that every patient should empower themselves as much as they can as it relates to prostate cancer risk. For more, you […]

What is Prostate Cancer?

prostate cancer

Dr. Bevan-Thomas explains prostate cancer. Many men are taken aback at a prostate cancer diagnosis. It is an often confusing time with a whirlwind of information presented at physician visits. Men are confused and experience their whole life changing in a matter of minutes. While prostate cancer makes sense as a general term, the causes […]

Can I Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Ronald Tutrone Prostate Cancer Live

Are you concerned about prostate cancer? Watch this video to learn how to control your risk factors for prostate cancer, including diet, exercise. Take a baby aspirin as long as your doctor clears it. Dr. Tutrone also discusses some drugs that have been looked at for prevention of prostate cancer and how they have performed […]

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