What Types of Prostate Cancer Patients Should Choose Active Surveillance?


Dr. Bevan-Thomas discusses what kinds of patients should choose active surveillance Active surveillance is generally for patients that have lower grade prostate cancer because those cancers tend to grow more slowly. But, there has been a debate for a number of years about the over- and under- treatment of prostate cancer, and whether some prostate […]

Clinical and Pathological Staging for Prostate Cancer: What’s the Difference?


What is the difference between clinical and pathological staging for prostate cancer? It is important for cancer patients to be familiar with the staging process and terminology. Many patients get confused when first learning about staging and staging terms. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas provides a thorough explanation of it all in the video below. A lot […]

What to Expect after a Prostate Cancer Biopsy?


What happens after a prostate cancer biopsy? A prostate cancer biopsy uses ultrasound imaging to guide several small needles through the rectum wall into areas of the prostate. These needles extract tissue samples to test for cancerous cells. What happens next? Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas goes over what happens after a prostate cancer biopsy in this […]

Treatment Options for Stage III Prostate Cancer


What are the options for Stage 3 prostate cancer? A diagnosis of Stage 3 prostate cancer means the cancer is present outside the prostate gland. Advanced imaging techniques are generally needed to make the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, there are several different treatment options available for patients. Dr. Howard Tay is a Urologist with experience in […]

Treatment Options for Stage II Prostate Cancer

Orgasm Changes after Prostate Cancer

What are the treatment options for Stage II prostate cancer? If prostate cancer has progressed to Stage 2, that generally means that your doctor has found a lump or nodule on the prostate. Usually the prostate must be removed. There are several ways surgeons can do this. Dr. Howard Tay is a Urologist experienced with […]

Worried About Your Rectal Exam for Prostate Cancer?


Describing a rectal exam for prostate cancer. Are you worried about having to undergo a rectal exam? Many men have fears associated with these important screening procedures. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you! Rectal exams for prostate cancer save lives! Dr. Bevan-Thomas has some words that will help to set your mind […]

Understanding the Risk Categories for Prostate Cancer


Understanding the Risk Categories for Prostate Cancer This Hangout on Air┬ácovered the different risk categories for prostate cancer. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discussed the┬áNational Comprehensive Cancer Network’s classification guidelines, digital rectum exams, and his view that every patient should empower themselves as much as they can as it relates to prostate cancer risk. For more, you […]

March 5th Live Event: Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Wednesday March 5th’s Hangout on Air covered essential questions to ask your doctor after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas discussed PSA levels, Gleason score, and his view that every patient should educate themselves as much as possible about prostate cancer. Informed decisions […]

Prostate Cancer Staging: Explained by Dr. Tutrone

Dr. Ronald Tutrone Prostate Cancer Live

Prostate cancer is often staged using the TNM system, Dr. Tutrone explains in this video. T stands for tumor size, N for lymph node involvement and M for whether or not the disease is metastatic. Watch this video to learn about other prostate cancer staging systems, like the Gleason and PSA scores. Ronald F. Tutrone, […]

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