Survivor Story: Derrick Hall Talks About Prostate Cancer Treatment and the Importance of PSA Testing

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Derrick Hall shares his prostate cancer treatment story Derrick Hall was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 42. Since then, he has taken a very public role in sharing his story so that other men never have to feel like they are alone. In this video, Derrick talks about his prostate cancer treatment experience. He […]

Survivor Story: What Men Should Know About Prostate Cancer

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Former NFL player Todd McMillon shares what men should know about prostate cancer Todd McMillion was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was just 39 years old. What saved him was knowing that he had a family history of prostate cancer, and getting regular PSA tests as a result. What Todd wants you to know […]

How Prostate Cancer Has Affected Former NFL Player Todd McMillon’s Life

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Todd McMillon shares how prostate cancer has changed¬†his life Todd McMillon was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 39. Since he knew he had a family history, he underwent regular testing. This saved his life. As a result, Todd is committed to sharing his story with other men, in hopes that they will understand the […]

Former NFL Player Todd McMillon Shares His Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Story

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Todd McMillon shares what it was like to be diagnosed with prostate cancer For a man who has just experienced a prostate cancer diagnosis, it always helps to hear from someone who has been there. Todd McMillon, former defensive back for the Chicago Bears was just 39 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and […]

What is Prostate Cancer Treatment Like?

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He’s been there: Victor describes his prostate cancer treatment. It’s safe to say that no one looks forward to prostate cancer treatment. There are many misconceptions about what life with prostate cancer entails.¬†It always helps men who have been diagnosed to hear from someone who has been there. Victor was diagnosed with prostate cancer and […]

What is Life Like After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis? One Patient’s Story

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Victor shares the story of his prostate cancer journey. What’s life like after a prostate cancer diagnosis? Victor found out the hard way after being diagnosed at the age of 52. He had radiation treatment to kill the cancerous cells in his body. His PSA levels were okay for awhile, but the cancer eventually came […]

How to Improve Survival after Prostate Cancer Surgery

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Are there ways to improve survival after prostate cancer surgery? There are things a man can do to improve his survival after a prostate cancer diagnosis. Always discuss a plan with your doctor first. If your plan allows, you should exercise and change your diet among other things. Dr. Roscoe Nelson gets into the specifics […]

How to Stay Positive Through Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Gary and Marlys talk about how they stay positive through prostate cancer treatment. Gary Johson has been living with metastatic prostate cancer for nine years. He and his wife Marlys travel around helping others deal with their cancer diagnosis. In this video Gary talks about how to stay positive through prostate cancer treatment. Gary and […]

Why do prostate cancer patients need to learn about prostate cancer?


Patient advocate Joel Nowak stresses the importance of prostate cancer patients educating themselves. Prostate cancer patients should learn everything they can about their disease. Every patient’s cancer is different. Your treatment will be personalized so it is important to be informed when making decisions. Cancer survivor Joel Nowak believes men diagnosed with prostate cancer should […]

How to Cope with a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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Gary and Marlys Johnson share how they coped with a prostate cancer diagnosis. A prostate cancer diagnosis can shake even the most study of people to the core. Not only does affect things that are considered essential to manhood, it also can have a major impact on your spouse as well. In the video below, […]

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