Treatments to Help Achieve Erections after Prostate Surgery


What types of treatments are there to help achieve erections after prostate surgery? There are a number of treatments available to help men with erectile dysfunction. Several different drugs are currently on the market that help maintain an erection. Cialis and Viagra are among those most commonly used. Penile pumps are another tool that can […]

Benefits of Robotic Surgery and Open Surgery for Prostate Cancer


A closer look at the benefits of robotic and open surgery. Robotic surgery and open surgery each offer several benefits for prostate cancer treatments. Robotic surgery surgery and open surgery  several benefits including less blood loss and a shorter hospital stay. “Typically, in robotic surgery, the blood loss is from 150 to 200 cc and in […]

Can I Have Children after Prostate Cancer Surgery?


Having children after prostate cancer surgery. After prostate cancer surgery men are left infertile. Different procedures have different results, but the infertility rate is 100%. If you’re considering having children after your surgery there are options. Dr. Howard Tay is a urologist who has seen men before and after prostate surgery. We asked him for […]

What Happens During a Robotic Prostatectomy


How does robotic prostatectomy work? Patients awaiting robotic prostatectomy likely have many questions about the procedure. What parts of the procedure are robotic, and what parts aren’t? Is the robot self-guided, or does a doctor control it? Dr. Richard Bevan-Thomas answers these questions and more in this video. Robotic prostatectomy is the most commonly used […]

The Benefits of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

Types of Catheters Used After Prostate Surgery

How does robotic prostate cancer surgery improve surgeon accuracy? Eighty percent of prostate cancer surgeries in the U.S. are done with robotic procedures today. Dr. David Albala tells us that robots allow surgeons to better meet the goals of robotic prostate cancer surgery which can lead to better outcomes for patients. Doctors can more accurately […]

How Is Robotic Surgery Different from Open Surgery for Prostate Cancer?


Advances in robotic surgery provide additional options for prostate cancer patients. Robotic surgery, in the past few years, has joined open surgery in use to treat patients with prostate cancer. During robotic surgery, surgeons are able to be more precise during dissection. Also, robotic surgery allows the bladder and urethra to be sewn back together in […]

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