Survivor Story: Advice for Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients


John shares his advice for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is tough. Your entire life turns on a dime. But it always helps to hear from someone who has been there. John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s. He wants you to know that you’re not alone. In […]

Survivor Story: How Has Life Changed Since Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer


John talks about how life has changed for him after undergoing robotic surgery for prostate cancer Robotic surgery has a lot of advantages over traditional surgery. For most patients, this means not taking care of a large incision and shortened recovery time. Doctors are also able to spare more nerves and work more precisely while […]

Survivor Story: Choosing Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery


John talks about his decision to undergo robotic prostate cancer surgery There are many options available in treating prostate cancer. Robotic surgery has become much more prevalent in the last ten years. It benefits both surgeons and patients. Surgeons like the enhanced abilities the robot provides, and patients experience much less pain and have a […]

Survivor Story: What Was Prostate Cancer Recovery Like?


John describes his prostate cancer recovery Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can is difficult. But it always helps to hear from someone who has been there. John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s. He’s sharing his journey in hopes that no man will ever feel like they are facing prostate cancer alone. John […]

Survivor Story: How Did Prostate Cancer Affect Your Marriage?


John describes how prostate cancer has affected hisĀ marriage Prostate cancer does not just have an effect on someone who has been diagnosed. It can also affect their spouse. While there are many different methods available to mitigate these effects, it still can be an emotional ordeal. John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 50s […]

Survivor Story: John’s Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

prostate cancer side effects

John shares his prostate cancer diagnosis story Doctors can provide a lot of comfort, but it always helps to hear from someone who is there. A prostate cancer diagnosis is not an easy time in a man’s life. It’s filled with fear, confusion, and a lot of emotion. But it always helps to hear from […]

Survivor Story: What Was Your Prostate Cancer Experience Like?


Prostate cancer survivor Victor shares his story Have you wondered what prostate cancer is like? While doctors can provide some comfort, it always helps to hear from someone who was there. Victor was an otherwise healthy man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He chose cryoablation (freezing the prostate cancer cells) as a treatment option. […]

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Story: Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey

Dan Hennessey is a prostate cancer survivor and advocate. He shared his diagnosis story with Prostate Cancer Live and discusses some of the processes he had to go through in order to be diagnosed. “I was a typical guy, didn’t even know I had a prostate,” Dan Hennessey says. After a comedy of errors, switching […]

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